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"This the children want to see!" - Readings
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 12:17

This the children want to see!

- Readings for children -


The Exhibition "This the children want to see!" is now open in the Culture House. Reading from the books on display will be held every Monday- and  Thursdaymorning for the next weeks. The readings start at 10:00 and last for about 20 minutes.  







We encourage parents and Preschool teachers to attend these events with their children.

November 29th, 2-3 year old children

November 30th, 4-5 year old children

December 6th, 6-7 year old children

December 7th, 8-9 year old children

December 13th, 10-11 year old children

December, reading from christmasbooks



Reading by candlelight!

- A quiet evening for children and thier parents -


Tuesday December 14th the Culture House invites children and their parents to the Culture House for a quiet evening. We start the event at 18:30-20:00 with some light snacks and then everyone gets comfortable before a reading from new books and some music. Amonst the books that will be read from is the new book from the author Atli Vigfússon from Laxamýri. The book is called "Vetur í Rjúpuskógi".

This is an excellent opertunity for the young generation to visit us in their pajamas with their teddybears and blakets. No entrance fee.